Swapnil Bhatnagar.

SAP Retail Consultant. Freelance Developer.


Hello, that's me!

I am an SAP IS-Retail Associate, residing in Kolkata, India. I have been working for Burberry's SAP Retail operations and involved in many of their implementation projects since April, 2014.

Progressive by nature, creative and hard-working by characterstics, I am continuously working on enhacing my skillset, well verged with the changing trends in the IT industry. Look into my work profile here and if you find it considerable, you may contact me on my Email or direct message me on my LinkedIn.

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SAP IS-Retail Associate

Capgemini India Technologies Ltd. | April, 2014 | Burberry




Trained in C#.net (NIIT)
SAP certified Development Associate
SAP certified Application Associate


   2011  Freelance Software Developer

   2012  Technical Support Engineer

       2014  SAP Retail functional Consultant

About Swapnil

Assertive, Energetic, Affectionate and Quick-tempered. Brisk or often impatient by nature, he is quite impulsive and irritable - yes, I do get annoyed with off-minds easily. He likes being Active, Concrete, Practical, Intellectual; you know you realize these four things certainly help you rescue from many situations in life. Although people may find me stubborn sometimes, I know how to act in bad faiths. I find my strengths in being loyal, frank and direct, possessing values, and energy that constantly keeps evolving. I often desire to be a part of some sport or a team and I'll love that; Tennis being my favorite sport.…

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Swapnil has been one of the brilliant student of my class. His attitude to learn new things and desire to get perfection in everything made him one of top student. He did many project very passionately. I highly recommend for a company where he can contribute in the growth of organization.

Prof. Arjun Singh
Asst. Prof, SPSU
One of the MOST innovative mind I have ever seen. Gives really out of the box solutions to almost every problem. Extremely hard working guy, who can easily handle pressure.. I have worked with him in some Projects only, but I was able to clearly see amazing talent in this guy. In a nut shell, he is an innovative and efficient person.

Akhilesh Vyas
Engineer (IC Design), Broadcom
What should I say about this amazing tech-guy.. I mean I have never seen a guy like him who enjoys with the software, always eager to learn something new and more than Eager to implement it. In other words, s/w and technologies are his first Love <3. N people, if you're lookin for a dedicated and a responsible curious guy... then you've got the right one!

Pankti Kothari
WebProgrammer, Designscape
From their pen...