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( Enthusiastic )

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

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I believe the same. There will be always a Win-Win situation. All you need is to believe.

( Competitor )

"I love to compete. That's the essence of who I am."

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In order to succeed, I have to be different, be daring and be there first.

( Achiever )

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

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I believe in setting goals and achieving them. There is no meaning of leading an aimless life.

Assertive, Energetic, Affectionate and Quick-tempered. Brisk or often impatient by nature, he is quite impulsive and irritable - yes, I do get annoyed with off-minds easily. He likes being Active, Concrete, Practical, Intellectual; you know you realize these four things certainly help you rescue from many situations in life. Although people may find me stubborn sometimes, I know how to act in bad faiths. I find my strengths in being loyal, frank and direct, possessing values, and energy that constantly keeps evolving. I often desire to be a part of some sport or a team and I'll love that; Tennis being my favorite sport.

Apart from that, when it comes to my profession - power and honour drives me. It's not about money everytime. And Swapnil Bhatnagar particularly hates pretence, deceit and flattery, which will get you nowhere with him. I respect every opportunity and grab it with both hands. It is like being well-armed for the battlefield. Apart from all these, I head for business with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Outbursts of anger are a common sometimes; but I really love everyone. I respect all. People, my parents, values, everything that exists. Its all about give and take #respect. haha, and most important, I love sports, physical activities other than geeky stuff. They provide me with some outlet for the excess energy.


Obsessed with technology and perfection. I believe in construing uniqueness out in an unusual manner. Graduated from Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur (2012) in I.T., I learn, I work hard, I try to bring changes to make ordinary things in-ordinary; I love Computers to the extended limit. I believe in:
> Work smart, aim High; and
> Humanity - to love all;
So, I aim high for my life, work hard and try to create a promising future. Not a typical extrovert, I still enjoy being in a community of people.


I am a person of habit. My hobbies are free, full of imaginations and relaxing; not so overburdened. I love outdoor games in my free time, or sometimes xBox. Drawing away anything whatever comes to mind, to go for a ride, or doing crazy stuff with machines is one of the all time favourite thing to do, and also, listening good music sometimes is truly relaxing.


A keen interest lies in ERP and its applications. I have started and I am with SAP these days and have plans to travel a real long distance with it. Apart from ERPs, Hardware designing is of my interests - where designing the excellent piece of Hardware alive with Technology for any Mobiles device, everyday computings, anything! I want to make the most out of machines - making the most luxurious use of them. Software Design, Web Developement, Programming are later priorities. According to me, the success of any Technology depends upon the purpose they're designed, ease of use, and then comes the quality, too! Network Security is something I would definitely love to play with.

Recent Accomplishment

November, 2015 - Certified in SAP IS-Retail

A bit of my Timeline

February 16
The Birth Day

I was born. A new era began.!

June, 1994
Started Schooling

it was - Laxmipat Singhania School. I love that school.

May, 2008
End of the best part of life.

As they say, Good things come to an end. So does Schools!!

August, 2008
Started with graduation

I still remember the day1 of my college. It was the beginning of a much awesome journey of my life.

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August, 2015 - Got promoted to Consultant

April 28, 2014 - Moved to Kolkata, WB and joined Capgemini India as a Sr Software Engg for SAP ABAP

October 16, 2013 - Cleared SAP ABAP Development Consultant certification

September 27, 2012 - The Convocation Ceremony. Graduated.

(Some_) People who Inspire ME

Steve Jobs
Jamsetji Tata
Jimmy Wales
Larry Page
Barak Obama
Richard Branson
Hasso Plattner